Dating Vertical, Pros and Cons

If you are an affiliate marketer looking for a profitable vertical to make you money, you cannot go wrong with the dating vertical.

Why? Because people will always be dating. The growing rise of internet users and continued acceptance of online dating has turned this industry into a $5 billion market with over 300 million users, and these numbers are not likely to stop growing anytime soon. More and more people are finding long-term relationships and even casual hookups through online dating sites. Thus, it is no surprise that this dating vertical is highly popular among affiliate marketers because of the high potential for revenue generation the vertical offers.

Let us take a more in-depth look at this dating vertical.

What Is The Dating Vertical?

The dating vertical is an evergreen vertical (which essentially means it never has a low season, and affiliates can make money from it year after year) that covers all campaigns and offers that promote dating websites and apps.

It is one of the oldest verticals publishers have at their disposal, which makes it a highly competitive market. However, affiliates can still rake in a substantial profit from this vertical.

If you decide to run a dating vertical on your online platform, one of the first things you will have to choose is what niche of dating offers and campaigns you want to run. You see, dating offers are usually divided into two niches – mainstream and adult dating.

Mainstream – These dating offers usually include your typical dating websites and apps. By typical, we mean websites focused on bringing people together based on common interests such as religious beliefs, hobbies, or even a love for dogs.

Adult – These dating offers usually involve websites or apps focused on helping others find casual hookups. Usually, adult dating offers have bigger payouts than mainstream dating.

The Pros Of The Dating Vertical

A Constantly Growing Market

A couple of years back, nobody dated online. Everyone was introduced to the person they would spend the rest of their life with, either through a mutual friend or family. In fact, when online dating first came out, it was considered a taboo that only desperate people would try.

Fast forward a few years later, and over 300 million people are actively using online dating websites and apps, and the number keeps growing. Thus, with a dating vertical, affiliates can always find comfort in the knowledge that there is always a growing market ready to be converted.

A Variety of Niches To Choose From

There are many ways you can choose to go with a dating vertical. Thus, a publisher can choose to target their traffic through different niches such as location, religious beliefs, orientation, or age group.

The Cons of The Dating Vertical

Highly Competitive

The dating vertical has been around for years, and several affiliate marketers have taken advantage of this lucrative market to earn money. However, the downfall of this is that this vertical tends to be highly competitive as people try to cash in on this evergreen vertical.

Nonetheless, provided you have a good plan and are ready to put in the work, this vertical is a great option for both beginner and expert affiliate marketers.

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