How To Choose A GEO For Your Campaign

It is no secret that geotargeting are a great to improve your ad campaign and increase your brand engagement and awareness. One of the facts measures of a great geotargted marketing strategy is targeting the right geos. Selecting the right geos is essential to ensure you are able to target your specific demographic. However, to truly find the perfect geo for your brand, you need to understand the various geos that are available to you.

Normally geos are divided into three tiers categorized based on how developed or underdeveloped they are.

Tier 1

Tier-1 can generally be considered the most coveted geos amongst marketers. This geo category has the most high-quality user with more disposable income. Regions that are in this tier are the most developed. Thus, most of the people in this region have more access to various digital devices, the internet and online payments.

However, while these tier is more tech-savvy, they are usually less likely to fall for ordinary marketing campaigns. They usually demand for better ad quality and want better value for their time and money. Thus running ad campaigns in this region is usually more expensive and businesses have to work harder to reach their targeted audiences. Thus, Tier-1 geos are usually not a recommended option for beginners who don’t have prior marketing experience.


Some of the tier-1 countries include:

The United States
The United Kingdom
New Zealand


Countries in the tier-2 region are where most countries in the world are classifies. The countries in this region are usually developed, but they have a lower disposable income compared to the regions in tier-1. A significant amount of people in this region ordinarily have access to mobile phones, the internet and online payment systems.

The tier-2 region is a great place to start for less experienced marketers who want to experience what it is like to enter a bigger market. While this market usually has less spending power as compared to tier-1 regions, it is cheaper to test an ad campaign here and usually the people in this region are more susceptible to marketing campaigns.


This tier region consists largely of developing countries. Here you will find countries that are largely receptive to various marketing strategies, however they have less spending power compared to the other tier regions.

The main benefit of these tier regions is that they have fewer restrictions and rules. However they do not have as much access to electronic devices, the internet and online payment modes as compared to the higher tier regions.

Tier-3 countries are the perfect place for advertisers with no experience in the industry to start their journey.

Some of the countries in the tier-3 region include:


This knowledge will help you understand which tiers will be most effective for your brand. While most advertisers may be tempted to target tier-1 regions considering how much spending power they have. You still need to take into account how much experience you have with marketing campaigns and how much money you have before targeting a specific geo.

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