Any affiliate marketer or advertiser who has thought about email marketing definitely had to consider SOIs and DOIs offers at one point. For years there have been several debates on which of these two lead generation offers is better for generating quality leads and growing your business faster.

In this article, we look at the pros and cons of these two offers to help you decide what option makes the most sense for you.

What is SOI?

Single opt-in or SOI are usually well-liked because they offer the easiest conversion process. As the name suggests, with the single opt-in offer, the user only has one step to take to submit their subscription. Usually, all the user has to do is include their email information or contact information, and they will immediately be included in a brand’s or publisher’s mailing list.

Once the user submits their information, this automatically counts as a conversion, and no further steps are needed.

The Pros of SOI

Grows Your List Faster

SOIs only have one step before the user is considered converted. This means that the moment the user gives out their information, they are added to the list, which means your list grows faster.

Offers A Simpler Subscription Process

Since single opt-ins have only one step, the user has fewer obstacles to face before they are added to an advertiser’s or publisher’s email list. Thus, decreasing your chances of losing a customer.

The Cons of SOI

Lower Quality Leads When Compared to DOI

The easy subscription process SOI offers means that virtually everyone is accepted, even individuals who are not interested in your brand. Thus, decreasing the chances that they will actually make a purchase.

Has More Deliverability Issues

There are higher chances of your user reporting your email as spam with SOI offers, which will affect your deliverability rates. Plus, since the users do not have to confirm their email addresses, emails with typos will also be included in the list.

What is DOI?

Unlike SOIs, double opt-in offers have a two-step submission process before the user is added to a mailing list. Thus, the user first fills in a form with their information and submits it. They will then be sent an email, text, or even a phone call to confirm their choice to opt-in to the subscription.

The Pros of DOI

Higher Quality Leads

Because the user has to go through a two-step process to confirm their subscription, they are more likely to engage with your content and make a purchase in the future.

Higher Deliverability Rates

The nature of DOIs makes them more likely to avoid spam traps. Plus, the confirmation process ensures your lists avoid emails with typos, increasing your deliverability rates.

The Cons of DOI

Slower List Growth

The two-step sign-up process means users face more obstacles as they submit their information. Plus, some users may even forget they have to confirm their email. This may affect how fast your list grows, particularly when compared to SOIs, causing you to lose out on potential customers.

Now that you understand more about these two options, we hope this helps you the next time you want to create an email list.

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