Pop-Under Formats

Pop-under ads are not exactly a new ad format in the digital marketing world. These ads have been around for quite a while and are still regarded as one of the most effective ad formats publishers, and advertisers have at their disposal to date.

In this article, we discuss what a pop-under ad is and how this format is still an effective option for your campaign.

What Is A Pop-Under Ad?

Pop-under ads are essentially the less-intrusive version of pop-up ads. Similar to pop-up ads, these ads will appear in a new window. However, unlike the pop-up ad, the pop-under ad appears under the main browser window. Thus, these ads do not interrupt the user’s browsing and the consumer only sees them when they close down their main browser page.

How Do Pop-Under Ads Work?

Pop-under ads will normally appear whenever the consumer clicks on a link. As usual, the web page will begin to load, but under it, a new window browser will be loading up as well.

The noninvasive nature of this ad format makes it an efficient option across several verticals, including Sweepstakes, Gambling, VPNs, Dating, Antiviruses.

Are Pop-Unders an Effective Ad Format?

The fact that a pop-under ad will appear under the main browser means it will not cover any of the consumer’s current content. Thus, the consumer can continue browsing and get to the ad in their own comfort.

This, in turn, increases the chances that the consumer will check out the ad and is more likely to convert. Since the ad does not interrupt their browsing, they are less likely to shut it down immediately, which is one of the most common disadvantages of pop-up ads.

Thus, it is no surprise that pop-under ads are still a well-liked and effective ad format despite the years they have been in use.

The Advantages of Pop-Under Formats

Reports Higher CTR

Did you know that pop-under ads have reported CTR (click-through rates) as high as 7%? This means with a pop-under ad campaign, chances are higher that consumers will interact with your advertising content increasing your chances for a successful conversion.


These ads tend to be cheap to run and yet offer a significant ROI, making them a great option for anyone working on a limited budget.

The Disadvantages of Pop-Under Ads

Are Affected By AdBlockers

Most people do not enjoy being bombarded by ads every day. Hence the need for tools like AdBlockers which help protect the user from intrusive ads. Unfortunately, AdBlockers also work on pop-under ads hindering their functionality.

High Percentage of Bot Traffic

For advertisers and publishers alike, bot traffic spells one thing, bad news. Popunder ads are believed to have more bot traffic than other ad formats. However, provided you ensure to run your pop-under campaign with a trusted network, they should solutions in place to help combat bot traffic.

All in all, pop-under ads are a great ad format option for advertisers and affiliate marketers looking to achieve a profitable campaign.

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